At Shayona, We believe that

“ Sow an act & you can reap a habit.  Sow a habit & you  can reap a character Sow a  Character & you can reap a destiny.”


Attitude  & Habits are formed very early in one’s life. What children learn in their impressionable  childhood  years stays with them through out their lives. These  children constitute the future of nation.


The education  at Shayona goes beyond imparting knowledge. Through carefully planned, interdisciplinary scholastic & Co scholastic  programme. We endeavor to equip our learners with necessary life skills & Values that help  them to face the challenges of life  in confident & courageous manner.


It’s  our commitment to provide holistic education to our valued learners.


Infact, envisioning a global society  the school curriculum in inbued with a distinct perspective. Through this we Endeavour to encourage our learners to understand & appreciate culture customs & traditions from across the world so that they can be well adjusted global citizen of tomorrow.


Parents being the first teachers have the potential to play an immensely proactive role. Parents must become role models for their wards as children emulate them. We must maintain in our homes an atmosphere of natural regards courtesies & good manners. Our children will then effortlessly & naturally imbibe these values. All this would result in a society of well groomed citized  with the deep convictions about human rights. They only we shall be able to call ourselves civilized society.


Since  education is the foundation of  civilized society each aspect of school life provides an avenue for the learner to grow to their all potential & development competencies to face the challenges of today’s world with elan.


Academic pre- eminence in today’s educational scenario continues to be an important yardstick.


The  School looks at each learner as a unique whole person with interest genius special capacities & unlimited potential by providing a conductive &  encouraging environment. The learners are  mentored to participate in a variety  of intro & inter school competitions.


This help them not only to show case their talents but these also entail opportunities that lead to multidimensional growth  of their physical, social, intellectual & spiritual being.


Shayona  is an Indian school that lays emphasis on Mathematics, Science, Social Science, G.K, Computer, Hindi, Sanskrit  English language skills and also activities that reach beyond academics. A child passed from Shayona has an all-round development with a capacity to communicate and think laterally, and the ability to interconnect different situations, which we believe is of importance in today's world if one is to become a world citizen. For efficient and organized work, the School functions under the following categories:


Pre-Primary Wing

The Pre-primary wing of the school comprises of classes Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG. The kids are made to learn through play way method like songs, stories, audio-visuals, toys, colors, games etc. They learn basic skills through games, music, art, stories, films and computers. For tiny tots we have a multipurpose activity room where they can perform the activities with to develop their gross as well as motor skills.


Our blooming tiny tots participate in various competition i.e. word quiz, show & tell, recitation, Fancy dress competition etc. We believe in “Learning by Doing”, so our teaching method involves these little hands in lots of activities to bring about constructive growth.


Primary wing(Grades 1 – 8)Primary wing caters to the class I to IV. We recognize the diversity of children’s interests & balance the learning with special needs of each child.

Keeping in mind the special needs of children in this phase of development, the learning environment is designed to promote spirit of enquiry through academic & extra co-curricular activities. Carefully crafted curriculum gives emphasis on acquiring intellectual, emotional and sensory experiences by the children through various subjects.

To develop creative, expressive and physical development, various activities are organized. Sports, art & craft, music, library & computer Facilities help the children develop a healthy & positive personality. Children are sensitized to our rich cultural heritage through celebrations of festivals & important days.

Use of modern learning aids like computers, LCD projectors, Interactive boards make the study interesting & effective for our students.

Continuous evaluation & guidance nurtures the children through this crucial phase of life. Special emphasis is placed on character building & improving self confidence. Trained & caring faculty has seen many batches blossom to academic excellence


Secondary School (Grades 9 – 10)
Daily routine of students at DAV consists of combination various activities like academics, sports, library, computers, music, art etc. Personality development, value education are inculcated in the students at this level.


As the students at this level will be facing their board exams, ample care is taken to make them capable to acquire excellent scores in the Board Exams with a well laid schedule of aptitude tests, unit tests, term examinations and Pre-Board examinations.


The daily home assignments are based on whatever they are taught in the classrooms in order to strengthen what is taught.



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