Classes                                    Summer                             Winter                          Sports Uniform


Nursery to

Std: X


Girls                    Black  skirt with                     Black full pant with                          light & dark blue track suit

                            Sky blue shirt with                  sky blue shirt tie, belt with,             with  sky blue socks & Black

                            Tie / belt, blue socks               blue socks & black shoes with          shoes

                            & Black shoes with strips       sky blue Jacket

Boys                Black  half pant with                    Black full pant with                       light & dark blue track suit

Nur to                  Sky blue shirt with                  sky blue shirt tie, belt with,             with  sky blue socks & Black

Std - II                            Tie / belt, blue socks               blue socks & black shoes with          shoes

                            & Black shoes with strips       sky blue Jacket


Std – III        instead of  half pant

                   Full pant is in uniform

                   Rest all remains the same.

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